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First our drinks

"The product is the star and always takes centre stage". Passion, dedication, respect and pride for what we do and the products we work with is the basis of our work.
the basis of our work. We make drinks! No fruit punch, no alcopops, no chemicals, stabilisers, artificial flavourings or other frills. But drinks: Drinks. When we write whisky sour, it's whisky sour. The flavour and quality are at a level that meets our standards. All drinks are based on the recipes of Tomas, our bartender. They have been confirmed as "perfectly mixed drinks" at tastings by bar chefs from various cocktail bars, hotels, restaurants and clubs. We don't shy away from comparison. To keep it simple: We've done nothing but bottle classic and modern cocktails from our favourite spots.


Why can we say that?

We have managed to maintain and stabilise the strong, lively acidity and flavour of freshly squeezed lime and lemon juice. The second challenge was to retain the characteristic flavours of the respective spirits in the drink without losing any of them. This applies above all to the subtle flavour nuances. For example, whisky and rum aged in wooden barrels or the distinctive flavour of agave in tequila. This is precisely what allows us to work passionately and respectfully with the highest quality spirits, fresh juices, fruits and herbs. We use organic products for cane sugar, juices, fruit and herbs. And all in our own production facility.
We are very proud of this. 


And which spirits do we use?
The good ones. Makers Mark, Bulleit, Roses, Bertò, Absolut Vodka, Brick Gin, Malfy, The Duke, Partisan Vodka, Plantation, Saint James, Tequila 8, El Jimador, Dom Benedictine, Chery Heering, Cointreau, Roses Lime Cordial, Angostura etc... 
Of course we keep the exact recipes to ourselves. Sorry.

Further open questions will hopefully be answered here.     FAQ's

"There can’t be good living
where there is not good drinking"

- Benjamin Franklin


We are
Business economists, bartenders, delicatessens, chefs, management consultants, graphic designers, catering professionals ...
But above all, we are mums, dads, friends and family. We love enjoyment. We love good bar culture. We love good drinks. We love good quality. Our motivation is to enjoy delicious drinks and the bar feeling, regardless of locations, opening hours and bartenders. Spontaneously. No matter where, no matter when, no matter whether over- or underdressed. The same high-quality drinks that are available in our favourite spots. Just like we're used to. Just not in the bar. And because we are spontaneous and wanted to stay that way, they had to be durable and consistently delicious. So we create our own bar and make our own drinks (in bottles). Our taste buds danced the samba until we were able to produce each drink to such a high quality that we were satisfied with all our senses. This was followed by some cheerful test evenings with the whole team (and the odd hangover, sometimes even in the form of a sabre-toothed tiger ...). We don't want to withhold these evenings from you.

This is how BARuno came about. This is how "Your Bar in a Bottle" was born.
Simple, high-quality, clever. So grab your loved ones, invite them round and show off a little with your high-quality mixes :-)
Keep it simple and have fun.

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